An attempt at car trails

The other day I had a chance to shoot with another photographer—and the subject was car trails. Now, I’ve done star trails many times before but I’ve done car trails only once and that was in the thick fog at the Grand Canyon.


Okay, let’s give it a try. So we set up along the side of a major highway with construction warning lights in the evening twilight. Is this starting to sound like a bad idea? Well, it all worked out well and no cameras were harmed in the process but standing that close to the road you begin to realize how many drivers aren’t really paying attention to anything but their phone.


This image is filled with blue light that was the result of a law enforcement vehicle traveling by with its lights flashing.

Oh, and the day after I shot these images I learned from another blog that car trails are a cliché. See, for example, Item #7 from this list.

Wait! I don’t think there are that many car trails with blue flashing lights in them. Does this mean this photo breaks away from the cliché? Maybe. Probably not.