Hiking the Swiss Alps of Adelboden and Pontresina

09 September 2015

Time to go! We leave our hotel and walk to the HauptBahnhof to catch a train to the Zürich airport. We take one last stroll through the station and wonder if we will have another opportunity to return?

Fountain in the lower level of Zürich Hauptbahnhof.
Fountain in the lower level of Zürich Hauptbahnhof.

Not so fast! Our flight from Zürich airport is delayed because some critical system did not pass the pre-flight check list. Okay with me—fix it before we leave the ground. So we depart a bit over an hour late and arrive in Atlanta with insufficient time to clear passport control and customs and get to our next flight. Delta Airlines has already rebooked our ATL–PHX flight segment for us and we spend the night in Atlanta (well, near the airport) using a Delta hotel voucher. Up early the next morning and we arrive in Phoenix a few hours later and are home by early afternoon.

What an wonderful trip. Time for another!