Painted faces in the desert

North of Flagstaff, Arizona, on Highway 89 are some painted faces on stumps on the east side of the road. The only information I have found is contained in these two links:

“Arizona scenic drive: Flagstaff to Cameron” 

“US-89 North: Flagstaff to Cameron”

[Edit: broken links]

While driving south to Flagstaff a few weeks ago I noticed that a nearly full moon had risen in the east. Since I would be approaching the painted faces in a few miles I thought that the combination of the faces and moon would make an interesting photograph.

Painted faces in the desert.
Painted faces in the desert.

Carefully stopping and pulling well off the road I studied the setup and possible composition. If I walked up close to the faces I could lean over the fence and use a wide-angle lens to capture the scene without the fence but the moon would be very small. Alternatively, I could use a telephoto lens and shoot from farther away and get a larger moon next to the faces but I would also get the fence in the image.

I decided that the telephoto was the better choice even if the image included the fence. This is, after all, how it looks to everyone driving by.